Jica Co

Company info

Our History

Jica Co was established in 1992, which has extensive holdings in the industrial plastics industry in South America. Our work includes not only the development and production of quality products but also the analysis and evaluation of, and recommendation of solutions to specific customer problems. We are in business to serve our customers.

Our Commitment

Our mission is to create the highest value in our products and services for our customers. We make quality our major commitment and we will see that our quality policy is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels of our organization. Our focus is to achieve the highest reliability in quality, delivery, and service possible, so that Jica Co is set apart from the competition.

We promise realistic and attainable delivery dates and we control our complete process through planning and manufacturing. Our products will meet or exceed contractual specifications.

Jica Co is committed to a program of continuous improvement where the aim is for zero defects in the products and services we provide.

In an environment of teamwork, communication, and cooperation, based on mutual respect, we will make certain that our customers can rely on Jica Co.