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Tank Advantages

Flexibility. Versatility.

Our tanks can be produced in many sizes and shapes, for an almost endless variety of uses. Because they can be engineered to meet the most demanding requirements, they are at home in a variety of harsh environments.


HDPE tanks are practically indestructible. They will last as long as you need them to last, in many cases, as long as 50-60 years!

Resistance to abrasion. Resistance to attack.

HDPE means high density. And high density means abrasion-resistance. It also means resistance to the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi, and to attack by insects, rodents and marine life. HDPE tanks are also non-toxic and non-absorbent.

Chemical and corrosion resistance.

Our tanks are chemically inert. They resist ultraviolet radiation and will not rot, rust or corrode. You can use them indoors or outdoors with equal confidence.

Resistance to dirt and stains.

Our tanks are practically maintenance-free. What little dirt and debris adheres to the tanks can be removed quickly and effortlessly with plain soap and water.

Ease of installation. Ease of relocation.

Given their strength, HDPE tanks are surprisingly lightweight. They can be easily installed, with minimal bed preparation, in a variety of locations and easily moved if the need arises.

Strength. Structural integrity.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, specially imported from Germany, produces a seamless tank carcass of uncommon strength. In addition, accessories can be made from the same HDPE material as the tank and welded to the tanks by experienced craftsmen.


Our tanks are simply better. Better than stainless steel in price and durability. Better than fiberglass in price, flexibility, and maintenance. Better than rotationally molded polyethylene in flexibility of design and durability.. Better than steel in corrosion, chemical resistance, and operational life. All of which means you can't buy a better, more useful, or more durable tank at a more economical price.

*** Customized tanks always available. ***

Please contact us with your specifications so that we may bid on your project.