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HDPE Pipe Fittings

Our pipe fittings come in a number of standard configurations perfect for a variety of uses. We also specialize in custom design and manufacture of pipe fittings to your exact specifications. We use high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene from virgin resins.

All of our fittings are machined from a single piece of HDPE billet. This means our fittings are created from one single cylindrical billet and are not fabricated by fusing or welding pieces together, therefore not subject to the inherent weaknesses of those processes. This method ensures that pipe fittings from Jica Co are among the strongest in the industry. You can rely on their ability to withstand significant, concentrated internal and external pressures.

All pipe fittings are...

Flexibility and versatility are built in.

We can make an HDPE pipe fitting to your specific requirements. Because our fittings are machined and not molded, we are not limited by the design constraints of a mold. Our production process is flexible and versatile; therefore, our fittings can be modified to a particular application and designed to accommodate your needs.

Dimensions of fittings:

Standard configurations

Specialty items

Please ask us about your particular needs.